It’s important to hand wash your MAYOMI® Swimwear, because the wash cycle of a washing machine can damage the fabric. Hand washing ensures that your swimwear maintains its bright color and also helps to keep it in shape – for more longevity! Hopefully these tips will help to take good care of your swimwear.


  1. Maintain color and elasticity

After bathing in salty or chlorinated water, rinse your MAYOMI® Swimwear bikini with clear (tap) water.


  1. Do your unpacking after you get home

Don’t leave your wet swimwear for too long in your bag.


  1. Remove remains of sunscreen, salt and chlorine

Wash your MAYOMI® Swimwear bikini with fresh water again after you did the unpacking. You can wash it in the sink.


  1. Hand wash only

If you want to use the washing machine, please use only the hand wash program.


  1. Side note for extra consciousness

In order to avoid micro plastic waste getting into the ocean, we recommend using washing bags. 


  1. Use a mild detergent or no detergent at all

Using a mild detergent or none is best for your swimwear. Instead you can use baking soda as a mild and environmental friendly alternative.


  1. Hang and dry

Hang your swimwear to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight.

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